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Hi I have been dealing with a sinus infection since

Patient: Hi I have been dealing with a sinus infection since January it started off in the right cheek now it’s in my forehead sinuses I’ve gotten a ct scan and a sinus scan a doctor told md it a sinus infection been on lots of different antibiotics nothing seems to help got put on a née antibiotic 2 days ago and haven’t noticed a difference so far. My symptoms are my right eye feels like it’s beingIf pushed and outta focus face heat jaw is sore forehead and temple pressure right side of face is alot worse my ear is plugged used the media pot and the water stays in ear burning eve’s sedition to light sometimes so much head pressure almost feels like pass our but I never do does this sound like a sinus infection?



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.You seem to be suffering from Chronic Sinusitis associate d with Migraine headache. Migraine is being underdiagnosed because of the presence and evidence of Sinus infection in your scans.I am keeping the possibility of coexistent Migraine headache due to a symptom that you have mentioned about photosensitivity. It is mostly seen in Migraine. Migraine headaches are pulsatile and are associated with Photophobia and phonophobia. An acute attack can also be associated with nausea and vomiting.Now For Migraine I would advise you Tablet Flunarizine which is used for Migraine prophylaxis and has a wonderful effect on migraine.Now for sinusitis antibiotics help only if you have an infection of sinus. I suppose that since you have been on many antibiotics so the possibility of infection is very less. So I would advise you in such scenario to take an anti-allergic like Levocetrizine once a day and the thing that is going to help you the most is steam inhalation. So do steam inhalation at least 2-3 times a day. I’m resistant sinusitis like as of yours local nasal spray containing Fluticasone has a wonderful effect.So get treatment for both Migraine and Sinusitis as discusses.Share my opinion with your doctor. Once started on this treatment by him you will get better within 2 weeks.If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.



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Patient: Tjank s you for the help I really appreciate it I will bringing that up with my doctor as i have an appointment monday . I had it looked at Thursday and he said I still have puss in the sinuses so and there inflamed he gave me an antibiotic for 14 day I’m on day 3 and feel the same is it normal for it to be mostly in one side of the face ? Thanks

Doctor: Hi. If there is pus in sinuses then you would require antibiotics like Amoxycillin or Levofloxacin.
Yes Sinus pain can cause pain in one side of face.
Good luck.

Patient: Ok thanks was just at the doc again he said my sinus ct scan came back clear but he sees puss and inflation still. Could this be and adnoid infection like he said still feel loopy and light headed ?

Doctor: Hi. This is unlikely to be adenoids. This might be simply sinus congestion which might not be apparent on CT scan. You just need to follow what we have discussed.

Patient: Ok thank I will do that as I am getting an sleepy doc appointmeny . Just one more question if you woldnt mind my doc also mentioned something about bone infection? He said unlikely because of the pus in the nose ?

Doctor: Hi,
I really can’t comment about the bone infection without reading the CT report. Attach that , so that i can help you.

Patient: I don’t have a copy i was unable to get one but could bone infection cause pus in nose ? Thanks

Patient: I did have alot of pain in my cheek bone and I had a too the that needed to come out and I got bone grafting but have had it crated many times and no infection

Doctor: Hello. Infection can be there. Next time you visit your doctor ask him for a copy of the CT scan report and write back to me with the report

Patient: Ok thanks I will do that I got the results back yesterday and it said everything was clear but wasn’t sure if it would show bone infection

Doctor: Review with your all reports. Take care.


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