Hi i have been having severe pain in my lower back

Patient: Hi i have been having sever pain in my lower right side of my back it came on me yesterday but i went out for a drink last night an the pain has got worse today could you advise me on what i could do thanks

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Pain in the back could be due to many causes. Muscle ache, sprains, ligament injury, la ck of blood flow, excessive exertion, wrong posture could all be the causes. Alcohol will relieve the pain for short term but will cause excessive pain later, it increases pain by 10 folds. Hence never consume alcohol when you have any kind of pain. For now give rest to the back, a pillow to rest underneath the back even while lying down and sitting. Drink plenty of water, hot fomentation and gentle massage with a pain relieving gel, and oral analgesic like NSAID or Paracetamol will help.Hope this helped.Regards