Hi I have been taking birth control pills for 5

Patient: Hi. I have been taking birth control pills for 5 years or longer. My partner and I had sex, and he ejaculated inside me, for the first time i did not stand up right away and go to the washroom. i lied in bed for a while, and after when i went to the washroom, nothing really came out. it was clear sticky fluid. he has ejaculated in me before, and i never got pregnant.i take my bc pills everyday at the same time, always have.can i get pregnant. this was a day ago, and my nipples have been tingling. why is this.thanks

Symptoms: Tingling nipples

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.If you are not using any form of contraception like pills, there is a big chance that yo u can become pregnant.If there are less than 72 hours after you took the pills, then please take an Ipill to help you prevent the pregnancy.Get a pregnancy test on the supposed day of the periods and if it is positive, please see a Doctor.Hope this helps you. In the future, use a method of contraception like combination pills.