Hi, I have been using doxepin 20 mg for migraine

Patient: Hi, I have been using doxepin 20 mg for migraine since 2012. I also started eating less nutritional food. When I was back to eating good food, I still had the hair loss which started as a small spot on the front and now at present day it has grown big almost a U shaped. I am in my late 20’s. None of my parents have heredity of hair loss and they still have good hair even in the 50s. My question could doxepin cause hairloss even at this low dose and if by stopping it, would my hair come after 3 years of gradual hair loss? Also, my nails also has black lines. I am not sure if it is a deficiency or not. My toes nails have have black lines in the middle and side of the nail.

Symptoms: Hair loss on the front.

Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATD.Doxepin per se does not cause hair loss. As the pattern indicates it is ce rtainly male pattern baldness. There are 2 factors involved one genetic other male hormones. Combination of two give rise to this. If any of your forefathers from both maternal as well as father side were having male pattern baldness, you can have it.If you want to regrow your hairs please get on touch with your dermatologistYou may need hair transplant or long term medical treatment depending upon extent of loss.Good wishes