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Hi I have gone to ER due to it was

Patient: Hi I have gone to ER due to it was weekend and had a slight feel of pressure and having to urinate after I just went and would go still a bit, they tested found tinge blood in urine and did culture but found nothing and did a pelvic exam and Swab and found bv I started two antibiotics sun and the symptoms for that have gotten aloy better . I have a sore muscle strained type lower back and in but bone area like sciatic nerves . I am concerned about what if I have colon cancer I have had slight thinner stool and it has a strange non poop smell like egg in way . No blood in stool I see and is just brown . I have been twice today . Could that weird no odor smell be due to antibiotics . I’m also major ocd and anxiety and not sure if I’m feeling it or not but sometimes a feeling of have to pee .



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI would appreciate if you mention your age and gender in the fol low up query. Yes, from the history there is nothing suggestive of colon cancer.Colon cancer patients present with weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting out blood, and blood in stools. Your history is consistent with BV, which could have caused the bleeding in urine.Also, the change in smell of stool, could be because of antibiotic, as it hinders in digestion.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further.



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Patient: I’m 32′ years old sorry I have included a pic of stool . Just still have a bit of sensation like have to go and I can go just seems a feeling in vaginal area of pressure sense .lower back strained type sore only when movement or bend over or especially twist torso I feel lower back pain . I have read about people having colon cancer and having a distinct smell to stool with not much of odor .

Patient: Are you a nurse or what type Doctor sorry just not familiar with this site and want to know I’m getting true professional advice from an individual and not computer

Doctor: No, in my practice I have never seen any patient presenting with colon cancer with a distinct odor. Please note that they will have bleeding in stool as well as loss of weight before they present.
Even then if you are worried, you can always go for a CT Abdomen, that will help us in the diagnosis in case there is any evidence of colon cancer or other colon pathologies.
Also, the attached image of stool looks normal.

Patient: What could be the reason why I still feel like have to go right after even after 2 antibiotics , I do have a itch on the outer skin only in one area near vagina could that be yeast that maybe got inside or could this still be bv that’s not cleared even with antibiotics ?

Doctor: Hello,
That has to be checked out by a gynaecologist. Without physical examination, it is difficult to say what is still causing the itch.

Patient: What about the urge to urinate

Doctor: That could be because of an UTI or bladder infection.
Please get yourself treated for the same.

Patient: Thank you , I went yesterday to Gyno and had pap exam and ultrasound and he said looked normal . Also did bloodwork a full cbc and anemia and glucose and liver and pancreatic and came back normal . They said continue antibiotics that there was slight bacteria in urine .

Doctor: Okay in that case just continue the antibiotic. You will be fine soon.

Patient: Hi in still having lower back discimfort and went into ER earlier and asked for stool test and came back no blood it’s a pain and pulls when bend and sometimes has this throbbing all in front leg and doe leg and in butt. I don’t know exactly what type pain this in back just not comfortable and I feel bloated and stopped up with mounds of gas ?
Could it be a serious issue I’m so worried

Patient: And a little pain around front abdomen that doesn’t last to long

Doctor: Hello,
Kindly note you have exceeded the maximum number of follow ups for this query. Kindly initiate a new query to consult the same specialist further.

Patient: Hi I am having rectal pain like pressure and discimfort and diarea i had a fecal test run and no blood was found. I’m worried please help

Doctor: In that case I would advise you a CT of the abdomen which can help us pick up bowel pathologies if any.

Patient: Does it sound like cancer

Doctor: No it does not. Please relax.
Also, I have answered maximum follow ups for this query.
Please initiate a new query if you want to consult me further.

Patient: I went and had more blood work and. Sigmoidoscopy and came back fine . I have been off antibiotics for three weeks and I just got this feeling of having to urinate last night so I went to ER and they said a trace intact of blood in urine and that was all . I’ve had cultures and no bacteria I’m concerned now could this be a serious problem in bladder ?

Patient: had a bowel movement today and seemed constipated and hard to come out but when did it seemed maybe fatty or pieces of tissue or something in it ?sorry for the detailed pic

Doctor: Hello,
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