Hi I have had a red spot under my eye

Patient: Hi I have had a red spot I never really paid much attention to under my right eye for probably five years now. And in the last two years another has showed up on the crease of my nose on the same side. Noticing a new one has developed I have started to further examine the one under my eye and it resembles a pimple under the skin with spiderweb like features spreading from it. I have been told it is a broken vessel but it has grown over time and the one on my nose started as a pin hole size and is now a bit bigger than the size of the point of a pen. What could this be

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.As per details, it seems that you are having Cherry angiomas.These are completely asymptomatic structures, red in color usually found on sun-exposed areas.Cherry angioma has a genetic component also.These can b treatment by Pulse Dye Laser.Visit your doctor so that he can visualize the lesions and advice you accordingly.I hope it helps.Take care.