Hi! i have had chest pain for over a year

Patient: Hi! i have had chest pain for over a year now along with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. i have had xrays and ekgs and everything is normal. i have noticed that when i inhale my left ribs are significantly larger than the right side. some days are worse than others and it hurts when i breathe sometimes. it hurts more by my the sides of my sternum.

Symptoms: Chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted you history of chest pains – hurts more by the sternum, sh ortness of breath, breathing difficulty, left ribs significantly larger than the right.X-ray and EKGs normal.From your history this looks to be a case of Costochondritis.I would advise you to get an MRI of the painful area, telling the Radiologist to be specifically see for the painful- tender area. This will confirm the diagnosis.I would suggest the following treatment.-Rest to the area by means of strapping with the Adhesive tapes during the deep Expiration phase. This will limit the movement, reduce the pain and give rest for healing to occur.-Anti-inflammatory medicines in full dose as per the weight.-Steroids if required for its strong anti-inflammatory role.-Lasix to reduced the edema.This sort of a treatment helps all my patients. and should help you too.