Hi i have had some skin issues over the past

Patient: Hi i have had some skin issues over the past few years (im 25) i started with acne a few years ago and its still stayed persistent over the few years. I seem to have alot of allergies and believe i have a mild pollen food allergy along with hayfever etc. My skin on my body has always been very sensitive and irritable, im wondering if a food allergy or intolerence could be causing it? Also with my face my skin is so sensitive that just splashing it with water can make it itch and the same in the shower or bath i get heat rash type itching even when the water is on the cooler side. Not only do i have the acne but i also over the past 5 or so months have been getting bumpy on my chest and neck, as if every pore is clogged, but i notice it all over my body but its more so on my chest. My face is also clogged completely, every pore seems to be clogged slightly and i think its always been this way although got worse since i had acne. Also noticing i have darker circles under my eyes of recent and just wondering if it would be a good idea to get some tests done with my doctor. Only problem is i dont feel comfy with my doctor talking about this stuff and asking for tests. What can i do or what do you suggest? Thankyou.

Symptoms: Acne, sensitive skin, itchy skin, heat rash, bumpy skin