Hi I have identical twin boys I was just wondering.

Patient: Hi I have identical twin boys. I was just wondering if this at all sounds like a reaction or if it’s even possible.Saturday night we were at a bbq and the twins drank orange flavoured soft drink. A few hours later they had started coughing and vomiting. The next day they had drank orange juice for breakfast, a few hours later they both had diarrhoea and complaining of a sore belly.They haven’t really liked oranges so it’s not a huge part of their diet at all. They also have not had contact with anyone with any of these symptoms. There was no rash, nor swelling but they have been very sleepy and coughing a lot. They just look completely flushed and have asthmatic symptoms. My daughter has a strange reaction to corn eg. Pop corn, corn and even corn chips. Could this be possible? I can’t say I have ever herd of this before. Thanks in advance.

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.These are reflexes. Or reactions to any allergic thing . If one is allergic to anything, the other can also be allergic.If this is due to contaminated food, this is not related.Twins can have allergy to the same thing.Mimicry of each other is also commonly seen. Like if one is coughing, the other one also starts to cough!!Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy