Hi, I have PCOS, and have had unprotected sex for

Patient: Hi, I have PCOS, and have had unprotected sex for over six years with no pregnancies. My menstrual cycle has always been very irregular. Over a month ago, I thought I was getting my period because I had light bleeding after sex. It was followed a few days later by a bit of blood. It has been a month now and every time I have sexual inter course, it is followed by a very light pink discharge. I am urinating very often, and I am always tired. I can’t hold my own at night. I just pass out. My alcohol resistance is also very low. I get drunk with very little alcohol to the point where I don’t remeber getting into bed. Could I be pregnant? I read it could also be ectopic, or a bladder infection. Please help. I have slight pain on my right side.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Some people can get drunk with very little alcohol. This depends on person to person and you should avoid drinking too much alcohol.PCOS is a disorder that occurs because of cysts in the ovaries. The cysts will cause symptoms of irregular periods and other problems like it. The treatment for PCOS is very simple and all it needs is Oral contraceptive pills. Please see a Doctor to get these prescribed to you.Hope this helps you. All the best.