Hi I have PCOS i have been taking dianne 35

Patient: Hi. I have PCOS. i have been taking dianne 35 for about 2 years. recently. i decided to stop for good. for april. i am no longer on dianne. we have unprotected sex about on 12 days later after my period, around my fertile days. since i am not ready for a baby, i took escapelle, the next morning. my next schedule period which is on 22/4 doesn’t occur. i thought it was delayed. May arrived, and after much discussion, my husband and i decided to have a baby. we stop all contraception. the last one i took was escapelle on 4/4/2014.my breast hurt. i suspected i was pregnant. went for urine check for 3 times… negative. i am 4 weeks late now.i need to know. does taking escapelle change my cycle..? or does it take sometimes after stopping dianne for my cycle to be regular..?when is it good for me to start for pregnancy..? or is it I am already pregnant, and the urine test gave false result..?please advice,xandra.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.The PCOS is a disease which is treated by taking contraceptive pills. This will help con trol the periods. You can get surgery done to help you.This will stop the symptoms of the PCOS. Hope this helps you. All the best.