Hi, I have polycistic ovarian syndrome

Patient: Hi, I have polycistic ovarian syndrome and had my last period on February the 15th I have had unprotected sex a couple of times since then but used the pull out method. Its been a few weeks and I have been having symptoms such as bloating, back pain,watery non smelly vaginal discharge , dizziness, extremely fatigue and my period is due in 4 days im worried about these symptoms because I dont usually get pms and having pcos I really doubt I am pregnant I just need some asnwers please ?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Kindly do a urine pregnancy test after 20 days of last intercourse, to rule out pregnan cy.Though the symptoms are a part of early pregnancy, they are not specific to early pregnancy. We need to rule out other causes like thyroid, prolactin changes, stress, obesity and get your PCOS controlled as well.Hope this helped.Regards