Hi I have really painful pain going down my leg

Patient: Hi I have really painful pain going down my leg when I walk as I now walk with a limp as it hurts so much if I walk to for a hour or so I cant walk on it at all and I don’t know what I have done it it can you help

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I have read and understood the history of severe pain going down the leg, increasing on walking. Since you have not mentioned about any swelling in the leg, fever or any other history the diagnosis looks to be quite straight forward.The most probable cause can be a prolapsed intervertebral disc causing compression on the spinal cord.A simple test of MRI of the thoraco-Lumbar area along with an opinion of a Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Surgeon will give you the most proper diagnosis and a plan for treatment.They would also rule out other causes such as Deep vein thrombosis and others.I hope this answer helps you.