Hi I have these small skin colored bumps around my

Patient: Hi. I have these small skin colored bumps around my face. They don’t hurt or itch and I really just want to get rid of them. They are extremely visible in direct sunlight, and less visible otherwise. I have tried many things to see if I could get rid of them to no avail. I have been using 2.0% Salicylic Acid pads on my face daily. These work great to get rid of the red pimples that I get, but the SA doesn’t seem to affect the skin colored bumps at all. I’ve also tried using Benzoyl Peroxide, but had a bad reaction to it so I stopped using it. I’m drinking TONS of water every day. I drink a cup of organic Jasmine Green Tea every night before bed as well. I also just recently purchased a calcium bentonite clay mask from Aztec Secret and have used it a few times so far. It makes my skin feel REALLY refreshed afterwards, but it still hasn’t affect those skin colored bumps. I’ve tried using Witch Hazel as well. And to be clear, all of these products have been tried of a length of time. I just didn’t slam my skin with that many products at once. Any idea to what these small skin colored bumps could be and how I can get rid of them since they are definitely hurting my self-esteem! Thanks!