Hi i have this wierd issue so when i drink

Patient: Hi i have this wierd issue so when i drink alcohol i drink like 2 beers or even one beer and i burp and i will vomit foam or i will vomit the beer itself its like it doesnt stay down there after i vomit a few times im able to drink and not vomit anymore but i can drink soda just fine only alchhol makes me vomit this way what could it possibly be ??

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comSome people may not have good tolerance to alcohol, and even sligh test of alcohol can evoke a serious reflux related action as well as gastritis.In my opinion, you should try at avoid it as far as possible..Also, prophylactically you can take a dose of Omeprazole before you plan on drinking from next time. I would also request you to get an endoscopy done of the upper gaatro intestinal tract and follow up.Feel free to discuss further.