Hi i have weezing and a awful sounding cough body

Patient: Hi i have weezing and a awful sounding cough body hurts around the right lung head feels heavy runny nose feeling a little week..What could this be…should i see my doctor

Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”It appears that you are suffering from respiratory infec nfection.The cause of respiratory infection could be possibly due to viral infection, respiratory infection may sometimes get superadded with bacterial infection.If unattended, it may lead to severe complications.As there is also wheezing and a humming feeling in your chest, it denotes that upper respiratory infection might have travelled down to lungs to cause bronchitis.Steam inhalation helps a lot in such conditions.You are advised to consult your Doctor.The Doctor may start you on antibiotics, anti-allergic and painkillers.You may also require decongestants, bronchodilators and inhalersWish you a good health.