Hi i I have a fever 387 C , red marks on my face and belly

Patient: Hi i I have a fever 38.7 C , red marks on my face and belly and chest and back.I also feel tired and i have mussles pain. When i am coughing i have little pain in my chest. It starts yesterday. What can it be ?

Hi i I have a fever 387 C ,...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The presence of temperature of 38.7 C, red rash as depicted in the image, tiredness, musc le pain, chest pain on coughing can be due to flu. One gets viral exanthema like red rash you got. This can be erysipelas too.One can get such a picture even in septicemia or bacteremia, hence the need for the blood and urine tests.Take Paracetamol in the proper dose 4 times a day.I think it is better to see a Doctor in ER to have clinical evaluation, physical examination and investigations. You will get an additional treatment accordingly.Please do not apply anything to the skin rash.I hope this answer helps you.