Hi, i just got the results of my yearly blood test

Patient: Hi,i just got the results of my yearly blood test to checkout the cholesterol levels, results are high and honestly i am a little bit worried at the moment due to those readings. from results i can see some of the readings are high and some borderline. my target is to avoid taking medications for cholesterol by changing my eating style and playing sports. now i already started changing my lifestyle to eat and act healthy, since beginning of this week i changed my eating habits totally by avoiding fat food and cholesterol based food. i eat healthy food and avoiding meat / egg/ junk food etc.. i also started playing sports. Now to cut the long story short i have two questions:1) Your opinion about my results2) Can i reduce those numbers without medications and by eating healthy with sports?ThanksEDIT:By the way i am 38 years old.

Symptoms: Sometimes (roughly twice a week) strong heart beat

Hi,  i just got the results...-1 Hi,  i just got the results...-1

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.There is absolutely no indication of taking any medicines for these cholesterol numbers. As per guidelines for cholesterol management you just require dietary management and exercises. Good news is that you are not a diabetic otherwise you would have required treatment on these reports.So with no history of Diabetes and Hypertension, we classify you into having Mild to Moderate Dyslipidemia. I would advise you to start exercises particularly cardio exercises. You should reduce around 5% of your current weight in next 3 months. Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption. Eat more of fruits and vegetables in diet. Say strict no to fast food, soda and any sweet beverage. Potato, rice, oil should be reduced to minimum and should be taken in moderated quantity only. Don’t take more then half cup rice a day.I am very hopeful that with just diet and exercise you will be able to control those numbers.Get your lipid profile repeated after 3 months and write back to us.We will compare the reports and will plan up the next line of action.I hope it helps.If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.