Hi, I just received a diagnosis of strep throat.

Patient: Hi, I just received a diagnosis of strep throat. I have previously had a peritonsillar abscess and am curious if it seems like I have one again, as it appears to me the one side has swelling consistent with pta?

Symptoms: Pain!!! Ear pain, throat pain (one side only), swollen and painful lymph node on same side.

Hi, I just received a diagn...-1

Doctor: Hi.Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thanks for your query.Noted your history that just recently you got diagnosed with s treptococcal throat infection. You previously had a peritonsillar abscess and now curious to know if you have it again.Well, one sided throat pain along with swelling on the same side is consistent with Peritonsillar abscess.Along with the throat pain you may have the following :- Ear pain.- Fever.- Difficulty in swallowing food or liquids.- Change in voice.However, it needs clinical examination of the oral cavity by ENT Doctor in order to confirm the diagnosis.If it is really peritonsillar abscess then you will have to start a oral antibiotic for it along with analgesic for 5-7 days.You can try the following to soothe your throat pain:- Do saline warm water gargles with some salt added in it, 2-3 times daily.- Drink hot fluids like black tea/coffee/soups.- Sip water frequently to keep yourself hydrated.And please contact your Doctor so that he can start medicines for this accordingly after examination.Hope this answers your query.Wish you good health.Take care.