Hi i m 18 (female) i m having pain in left shoulder blade

Patient: Hi i m 18 (female).. i m having pain in my left shoulder blade which goes down to the left arm and hand..i m facing this pain from many months but from past 5 days its increased.. i also have chest pain and head ache with that.. i went to the doctor due to sudden sharp chest pain 3 months ago she said its just due to deficiency of iron.. but now the pain has increased.. i often feel stress and anger without any reason.. i didnt sleep in new way or new bed..and i didnt do anything like lifting heavy objects or anything…

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The pain in the left shoulder blade radiating to the left arm and hand and also have neck pain and chest pain for a few months in a young girl of your age indicate that this may be due to cervical spine or muscle spams.You also have history of stress and anger without reasons, one of the most common reasons of muscle spasms. These in turn lead to a problem called RSI, the repetitive stress injury syndrome giving exactly the symptoms you have.Yet on a safer side get a cardiac check-up and ECG done.A proper treatment will definitely start with control of anxiety, stress and anger with or without medicines.Occasional courses of muscle relaxants with anti-inflammatory medicines and local rubefacient creams (which increase local warmth), mind and body relaxation exercises do help.I hope this answer helps you.