Hi I may have genital warts around the opening of

Patient: Hi I may have genital warts around the opening of my vigina and anuss

Hi I may have genital warts...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at ATD about your health care.I have gone through your image and can understand your c oncerns.It can be due to wart, but diagnosis can only be established by physical examination.Wart caused by HPV virus and transmitted sexually.It can transmit to others through the skin to skin contact without sexual contact.Are you having any symptoms due to wart?There is no treatment required if it is not causing any symptoms but if it changes its color, size and shape biopsy is indicated to rule out malignancy.Treatment options are like topical ointment, surgical removal or immunity modulation, but recurrence is very common.Hope found useful, feel free to discuss for more information.Good luck.Regards

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Patient: Can you prescribe something for it ?

Doctor: Hi,
First you tell me your symptoms, age and size of wart and fertility status than only I would suggest you something.
Hope to hear from you soon.