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Hi, I recently found out i was pregnant and had

Patient: Hi,I recently found out i was pregnant and had the following tests completed and was wondering if you could explain the below results to me and let me know if I have anything to worry about especially with BVAB2?uswab Vaginitis Plus (Vg+)Test Low Normal High Reference Range UnitsAtopobium Vaginae Moderate – 1Bvab 2 High – 2Megasphaera 1 Low – 0Candida Albicans, Naa Negative NegativeCandida Glabrata, Naa Negative NegativeTrich Vag By Naa Negative NegativeChlamydia Trachomatis, Naa Negative NegativeNeisseria Gonorrhoeae, Naa Negative NegativeVaginitis/Vaginosis, Dna ProbeTest Low Normal High Reference Range UnitsCandida Species Negative NegativeGardnerella Vaginalis Negative NegativeTrichomonas Vaginalis Negative NegativeGenital Culture, RoutineTest Low Normal High Reference Range UnitsGenital Culture, Routine Final reportResult 1 Routine genital flora.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The report is a vaginal high vaginal swab culture report which ha s commented on presence or absence of a set of micro-organisms and species that have been tested for:-1.BV associated bacterium type 2 (BVAB2) =HIGH indicating bacterial vaginosis , typically detected with clue cells on microscopy.2.Megaspheara type 1=low3.Atopobium Vaginae= moderate. Atopobium vaginae (a gram-positive anaerobe) as a key organism highly specific to BV, often metronidazole-resistant.Rest all organisms tested are negative.So, the overall indicates that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis and as you are in your first trimester then no medication is advised but you may use apple cider vinegar diluted vaginal washes 3-4 times a day for a week and this should help overcome the infection. Though the drug of choice is clindamycin and metronidazole but they are no t pregnancy safe and hence supportive management is preferred to keep the bacterial vaginosis in control.however if the infection persists till 20th week, then clindamycin vaginal pessaries can be used as by then organs of the foetus have already formed and there is minimal risk of congenital anomalies.You may however discuss the options with your physician and take an informed decision,I hope i have addressed your concerns in detail,Wishing you safe pregnancy,Regards



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Patient: Thank you for your answer, is BVAB 2 common or is this linked to other problems?

Doctor: Hello,
This is a common infection in sexually active women in reproductive age group and can be easily treated once diagnosed. The only concern in pregnancy with BV is during the third trimester when a continued presence of BV can often cause preterm labour and premature rupture of membranes leading to premature delivery. So that must always be epy in mind.


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