Hi i recently had an unprotected oral sex and condom

Patient: Hi i recently had an unprotected oral sex and condom broke during vaginal sex… It’s been a month and i could see some red rashes at tip op penis head is this a sign of hiv or any std

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.It is quite unlikely that the rash could be an STD related rash as the exposure is a sin gle one.However, no genital rash after an intercourse which persists or appears must be considered for evaluation. Many of the organisms have an incubation period around 3 to weeks and hence present with early symptoms of rash, joint aches,etc.Kindly consult a dermatologist personally for an examination and further management.Hope this helpsRegards

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Patient: These are the rashes and i fell so scared for any std, please let me know this is the symbol of std

Patient: The rashes are found only at top

Patient: And when my penis is in up position i could see numerous little bumps on the head

Doctor: Hello
No, they don’t seem to look like an STD

Patient: Thank you but what are the red rashes found at the tip of the penis head

Doctor: Hello
They could be rashes that develop due to friction during.intercourse. The small capillaries are rubbed along and they cause stagnation of blood and present with rashes.