Hi, I recently had more depression and went into insomnia,

Patient: Hi,I recently had more depression and went into insomnia, i consulted a doctor and he adviced me for a blood test. The result the below remarks. Please advise is there anything serious.Bilirubin Direct – 7.5 (umol/L)Bilirubin Total – 27.6 (umol/L)

Symptoms: Lack of sleep

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.I have read your question and can understand your concern.The levels of direct and total bilirubin seems to be on higher side of normal range and slightly elevated.The normal range for bilirubin is 2-22 umol/L while that for direct/conjugated bilirubin is less than 7 umol/L.Though levels are elevated but they are still not that high enough to manifest clinical jaundice which is seen with bilirubin >35umol/L.Elevated bilirubin may occur due to alcohol/other substance use disorderIf there is no history of substance(alcohol) use, elevated bilirubin may be part of syndromes like Gilbert syndrome characterised by insomnia,depression, mood swings, anxiety etc. In such cases bilirubin is reduced with help of phenobarbital.Hope this helps.Feel free to write back.RegardsI