Hi, I suffer from severe gynecomastia I’ve seen recently

Patient: Hi,I suffer from severe gynecomastia.I’ve seen recently a surgeon that classified it as grade 4 gynecomastia (excess skin, excess filling, excess breast tissue) significantly pendulous and a bit asymmetric. The surgeon talked about a major operation with the removal of fatty tissue and breast tissue, reduction of the exceeding skin and repositioning of nipples this leading to major scars and pain and even worse because discovered an extremely thin skin in combination with really pale pigmentation.Can be performed a partial reduction? So that scars would be reduced as well as the risk to lose nipple sensibility (in this case nipples will not be removed and reattached). Or any other way around it so that there’s a third way to choose and not just stay as I am or this scenario?Thanks for your reply.

Symptoms: Severe gynecomastia