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Hi I take the evra patch on a 6 weekly

Patient: Hi I take the evra patch on a 6 weekly basis. I wear the patch for 6 weeks and change on a Wednesday before having my break week. We’ll iv worn 3 patches then yesterday put a new one on for my week 4.. its now thursday of the same week and I wanted to have my withdrawal bleed this weekend which I know is safe to question is if I take this patch off that I have had on for 1 day plus the 3 weeks worth am i still protected. My skin has not been without a patch for 3 weeks and 1 day..



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to for an opinion,Ideally an evra patch is to be used continuously fr om the day 1 of the cycle or the withdrawal bleed continuously and then a 7 day break for the withdrawal bleed. As you have been using it continuously on a 6 weekly basis without fail then there are chances of breakthrough bleed that you may experience in the middle.However, as of now if you have completed your 3 weeks and into your 4th week already and desire your withdrawal bleed, then you can simply take the patch of and wait for the withdrawal bleed.You stand protected indeed if you had started the patch from day 1 of the previous cycle. Wait for the withdrawal to start and if it doesn’t occur for 7 days, then do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy and if negative then start the next cycle with a fresh patch. Do not allow more than 7 days to pass before starting your next 3-week patch cycle.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: Kind of. I know the info regarding the patch and never have a break longer than 7 days.. can you expand on if I would still be protected the whole time if I had my 3 weeks on the patch then put a new one on for 24 hours as I thought I would do 4 weeks on it. Then changed my mind so took the patch off after one day.. so continously using the patches for 22 days .. I will now have my break for 6 days.. and apply my patch on time. Am I still protected?

Doctor: Yes, you are still protected because as you have started the patch from day 1 of this cycle , hence ovulation which would have generally occurred by day14-16 otherwise, would have been prevented and in absence of ovulation, there are no chances of pregnancy. You can safely take the withdrawal by stopping the patch today.


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