Hi I took morning after pill last December 2014 and i got normal period in January.

Patient: HiI took morning after pill last December 2014 and on January I got my normal period cycle which is 33 day cycles. Sometimes it’s around 30-36 max cycle day I got the long cycle for period. And on January 18 around a week after I finished my period I took mornin after pill again. And now my period is 20 days late but I’ve taken over 10 home pregnancy test and they’re all negative. I don’t feel any nausea or morning sickness either. What’s wrong? I need helpThank you for your time




Doctor: HiThank you for the question.This is a common problem with these “morning after” contraceptives. Most l ikely you are not pregnant since you took it the morning after unprotected sex. It is probably just the pill hormones messing you up. It may take several months for your cycle to straighten out. I would also recommend that you look at a hormonal birth control like birth control pills so in case you are too impaired to use barrier methods you are still protected against getting pregnant.I hope this info will help you. Take care.

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