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Hi, I was recently diagnosed with HPV genital warts and it

Patient: Hi,I was recently diagnosed with HPV genital warts and it has me very paranoid about other STDs. My last STD panel was taken at just over 5 months from possible exposure. This was a 10 test panel including HSV 1 and 2, done through labcorp. All results were negative. I have not had any symptoms of anything other than the warts. My question is; how accurate were my test results after 5 months? Should I stop worrying? or get tested again at another interval?Thank you



Doctor: Hello,Sorry to know about condition.You should get yourself checked after 6 months as some STDs have an incubation p eriod of 6 monthsSecondly, if there are no symptoms then most of the conditions are already ruled out.The test carried 5 months ago, have high sensitivity which means the chances of developing new test as positive is very less/ negligible.I hope your query is answered.If there are any doubts, please feel free to write in to us.Regards



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Patient: No, the test wasnt 5 months ago. it was 5 months after last sexual encounter. So even being negative at over 5 months after exposure its possible to still test positive at 6 months?

Doctor: Yes, possibility is present but very less. HIV screening test for antibody detection can come after 6 months of window period. So you have to wait for 6 months post sexual exposure to rule out the disease.

Patient: ok, thank you….

Doctor: Thanks. Keep me posted of results


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