Hi , i was sitting in bad posture for a

Patient: Hi , i was sitting in bad posture for a few hours a day at a desk for 1 week ( not my normal job ) after this week when i swallowed i felt a sharp pain in my back between shoulderblades. The next fee days after all my neck and back muscles were aching and in pain i went to my GP and i was pit on naproen for 2 weeks this seemed to help but now 1 week after taking these i still have a dull ache where my rhomboid muscles are or my spine ? How long will this last as its been over 1 month now and i need to return to work in 1 day. How long is recovery time for this ? Is it spine issue after 1 week or muscle issue?Thanks for your help

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query,Read and understood your history.The history of sitting in a bad posture does not loo k to be related to the problems you have.The pain in the back between the shoulder blades on swallowing can be due to esophagitis.Now the pain in the rhomboids and the neck and back muscles may be due to the inflammation of the muscles or their tendons due to a condition called” RSI” meaning repetitive stress injury.The treatment depends upon the following factors:- First principle is to stop the instigating factors.- To break the vicious cycle of Pain > spams > pain > spasm . Hence needs a painkiller with anti-inflammatory properties and muscle relaxer effects.- Consult an Orthopedic Surgeon for clinical evaluation and investigations and treatment.I hope this answers you query.