Hi! I would like to enquire as to what the risk

Patient: Hi!I would like to enquire as to what the risk could be getting infected with a STD or STI in terms of my situation:I am male and still a virgin. About 2 months ago a girl and I were making out or french kissing / deep kissing. I kissed her breasts too. I was still fully dressed if that makes any difference, however, my hands did come into contact with her vagina and of course vaginal fluids for a lengthy amount of time. I have no idea what this girl’s sexual background or history is. Also, I don’t know her very well so it would be very hard for me to tell what type of lifestyle she leads and if she could possibly have any STD’s or STI’s. Right before we started I did ask her if she has anything or, anything that she is aware of, and her answer was a definitive ‘No’. I don’t know if she has been tested before. She told me she has had sex with someone else, but a few days later she told me she lied and that she’s still a virgin. Of course we did not have any vaginal, anal or oral sexual intercourse.As far as I can remember her mouth did not taste of blood and neither did mine. I didn’t spot anything that looked strange on her body or her mouth; but I wasn’t looking for that of course. Also, I don’t believe I touched my genitals after we finished before washing my hands. But this was a long time ago, as I said, so my memory is slightly fuzzy. She did not touch my genitals directly. I don’t believe that I have shown any symptoms for any STD or STI at all, but I know that most STD’s and STI’s are asymptomatic sometimes. If I may have missed a symptom that I am not aware of or don’t know about, I have not picked up any irregularities. I don’t recall having any flu-like symptoms after the experience and I can’t remember any rash, lesions, cold sores, bumps, etc. I was treated with an antibiotic, Augmentin, for a sinus infection recently.I try to live a life of abstinence but I am regularly worrying if I could be putting myself, my new girlfriend and others in risk.Thus, to conclude, I would like to know if it could be possible for me to have contracted anything from the encounter with this girl? Could I have contracted something serious like syphilis or HIV? Is there any need to worry about this and should I get tested? If I should indeed get tested what tests should I have done and where? Can I engage in any sexual activity with my girlfriend?Your response would be greatly appreciated as this is really bothering me!Kind Regards

Symptoms: No symptoms. Only sinus.