October 19, 2018

Hi I would really like your input Me and my

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Patient: Hi I would really like your input. Me and my husband found out we were expecting October 2014. We had been split up prior to that and I had sex with another man on September 5th. I started my period on September 6th-12th it was a normal 7 day period like I always have. Me and my husband got back together during that time and had sex multiple times from the end of my period into October. I had bleeding when I was 11 weeks. They did a ultrasound and she measured almost a week ahead. Just thought that she may have had a growth spurt that week. Then at my 20th week ultrasound she measured ahead of what I was supposed to be. It worries me I want her to be my husbands. He is going to be there no matter what. Do you think she is my husband or the other guys? What are the odds?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing to us.I can understand your concern.Your husband is a father of your child, not the other guy.The understanding behind my opinion is because you had sex on 5th September and you had your period on 6th September, so the chances of pregnancy are not there with the other guy.There is one to two weeks difference in the ultrasound report that is deliberated to be normal.And then do not take any stress and enjoy your motherhood.Good luck.Regards

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