Hi, Iam 22 weeks and 3 days pregnancy and the foetus

Patient: Hi,Iam 22 weeks and 3 days pregnancy and the foetus heart rate shows 192 bpm in ultrasound scan.The four chamber view of the fetal heart appears normal .USG of gravid uterus shows single live fortus with normal cardiac activity and movements.Kindly advise if the heart rate is too high

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually at around 22 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heartbeat be tween 110 to 170 bpm can be considered as normal.Fetal tachycardia can be seen in conditions like maternal hyperthyroidism, fever, infections, fetal hypoxia, fetal anemia, chromosomal abnormalities etc. Better to go for cardiotocography recording of fetal heart beat.If report shows abnormal results, you need thorough evaluation regarding the cause and management can be planned accordingly.Take care.