Hi I’m 14 and my butt has been hurting for

Patient: Hi I’m 14 and my butt has been hurting for a while. Its around the anal hole not inside and it hurts when I move and kinda itchy. It happened a week ago and stopped but now its happening again. Generally I bleed when I poop because I usually poop twice a week. Anyone please help

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The typical perianal itching which you have been experiencing f or quite some time is actually indicative of helminthiasis which can be confirmed with a stool culture. Pain and bleeding is often seen when constipation is also an accompanied feature or in cases where amoebiasis has been chronic.It is suggested that you should meet you physician and get a stool test done and if required be placed on antihelminthic for desirable relief.Regards