Hi, I’m 14, in 8th grade and I need some

Patient: Hi, I’m 14, in 8th grade and I need some answers. All the kids in my class have already hit puberty and growth spurts, but not me. Here are some more details, I know you might have seen thousands of these questions already.I’m 5’1 WITH SHOES ON. I haven’t hit puberty. I get made fun of for being short and not having hit puberty like everone else. No girl wants to date me because they only want tall boys. It’s embarrassing going to get on the bus because everyone else already looks like an adult. I know kids who shave. I’m sick and tired of everyone calling me “cute” because I’m so short. Both my brothers hit puberty and growth spurts at 12 and 13 and they are now both over 5’10. Before they hit those things they were at least 5’3. I’ve read everything out there. Every article says to wait and be patient. I’ve been patient to long. Everything says I should’ve grown already and I’m a late bloomer. It’s very embarrassing being the way I am. I’ve tried lots of things. I Eat good, protein, fruits, vegetables. Nothing. I lift weights to try and fill out. Nothing. Im going to Highschool next year, and I dont want to be the laughing stock and have no friends. It will be embarassing walking around the halls being 7 inches shorter than everyone. I mean, everyone at my school has had their first kiss already, not me. I try pretty hard to clean up well, and all the girls say I’m so nice. They don’t want to really talk though cause I’m short. I really need some answers before Highschool. Anything I should be doing, suggestions? Thanks.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It is normal for some people to not hit puberty at 14 years of age. But, just to be on t he safe side and to be certain, please see a Doctor and get your hormone levels checked.This will help you decide if you have any disorder or not. If you have low Growth hormone or Testosterone, you may need hormone replacement.Hope this helps you. All the best.