Hi I’m 16 I’ve been sick for about a week

Patient: Hi I’m 16 I’ve been sick for about a week but my fever and chills stopped about 4 days ago but I still am having a really hard time breathing and when I take deep breaths I cough really badly and it hurts my chest and stomach

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Fever with cough and chills point out towards a pneumonia. I hope you have been treated with antibiotics accurately. Since you are symptomatically better, but yet having cough and chest pain, suggest you to consult your doctor again. You will need to be put on cough suppressant syrups and further antibiotics depending on the condition. Also drink plenty of water and sleep in the lateral or propped up position to give you relief. You can also try oxygen therapy at hope if possible. In case the chest pain gets worse, see the doctor immediately.Hope this helped.Regards