Hi I’m 16 years old and female Last Saturday 5

Patient: Hi I’m 16 years old and female. Last Saturday 5 days ago I drank a lot of Vodka and I have been feeling a hangover since. I have not thrown up at all. The day after I was exhausted and sleeping a lot which seemed normal but the day after I was the same but also had slow thinking and slight confusion. Later Monday I played soccer and got dizzy and nauseous. Tuesday my stomach and head was hurting and I was still tired and had slow thinking. It’s Thursday and I feel the same way. Any idea what’s wrong? Also along with just vodka I mixed with soda. And I have been using the bathroom normally

Symptoms: Stomach and head aches

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Alcohol causes a lot of problems and can cause problems like hypoglycemia. The reduced g lucose levels can happen because alcohol uses up some of the vitamins and enzymes needed for producing glucose.Do not worry and drink lots of sugary drinks to increase your glucose levels so that you do not have further symptoms.You should recover within 1 to 2 days. If this does not help you, please see a Doctor. You may also benefit by having a lot of fruits.Hope this helps you.