Hi, i’m 16 years old i picked heavy weights about

Patient: Hi, i’m 16 years old.. .i picked heavy weights about 30-40kgs and then i suffered from chest muscle contractions and muscle ache in all my all upper body. .after a few days they are all gone. ..but even after two and a half weeks later i’m having uncomfortability in my right upper abdomen just below my right lower last two ribs. ..its not like pain i’m just feeling uncomfortable and its almost two weeks i’m having it. I’m really scared about it is it related to my gallbladder or its just muscle ache. .as that irritation neither imcreases or decreases its just constant what ever i do. ..and when i free out my right side like lay on bed that irritation goes away ..i also had stool test two days ago and i’m on one week prescription for albendazol for round worm(ascaris).ANY HELP WILL BE GREATELY APPRICIATED, THANKS !!