Hi I’m 17 115 lbs height is 5’7 ( just

Patient: Hi. I’m 17. 115 lbs. height is 5’7. ( just saying but doesn’t really have to do with anything) so 3-4 days ago someone in my class was saying they had strep. shortly after mine started to hurt. I get strep very easily so I knew right away that’s what it was. I had no other cold symptoms either. Friday (yesterday) during school I felt really sick and had a headache. after school I was fine. I went to the doctor after hours around 7 and he didn’t even bother to test me for strep just gave me the antibiotics. he also said I had a heart murmur. I told him I had strep a few months back. he asked if I changed the toothbrush and I said no. that’s basically the whole appointment. a few months back however, I went to the e.r. because I was having chest pains. my throat was also sore. ( I thought it had to do with my vocal chords because I’m a singer) the tested for strep and it was negative. they also diagnosed me with pleurisy. a few days later my throat was still hurting so I went to the normal doctor. there, they told me I actually did have strep and put me on medication.Since my throat had been hurting for quite awile im assuming it went awhile without being treated. then I went back to the e.r. because my chest pains wouldn’t go away and online it was saying things like rheumatic fever. I got checked for that and it was negative. today’ my heart kind of hurts a little and its a little harder to breathe. Since they said i had a heart murmur and strep last night im worried it could be rheumatic fever. Im already getting treated for strep. I dont know what to do. I dont want this to lead to other serious heart problems.

Symptoms: Little trouble breathing( not too bad) slight ache sometimes around heart area. Sore throat due to strep.

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.You seem to be suffering from Upper Respiratory tract infe ction (URTI). At home, you can do warm saline gargles, steam inhalation. You should drink hot fluids like ginger tea, that will soothe the pain.But in case you have fever then you should see your doctor who will examine you and prescribe an antibiotic like Azithromycin or Amoxycillin. You can continue Cetirizine that you are taking for net 2-3 days. In case of severe pain, you can add a tablet of Aspirin in water and do gargles with that. You may take Paracetamol on as or when required basis for fever and body pains.Share my opinion with your doctor before you act upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy