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Hi, im 17 years old

Patient: Hi, im 17 years old. Today i a stacked 6 large bricks on top of each other to climb out of a hole. Unfortuantly i collapsed with these bricks and one landed on my toe.After the bleeding stopped, i applied Betadine Solution on it and tied it with a cast. The toe is slightly lifted upwards and i can little bit lift it and lower it but not too much its pretty stuck as normal but its open under the nail just little.So far i have my cast around it with thr Betadine solution on it. Please state if i have to go to the hospital or i should leave my toe as it is.Thank you very much i deeply appreicate the help. Please consider the possibilities of treating this on my own. The pain stoppeded but right now i want to follow to correct procedures.Thank you



Symptoms: No symptoms just little pain



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.The toe is pretty much stuck as you mentioned, which means there is a possibility of fracture.I appreciate your awareness and what you did is right. Since you cleaned with betadine, it reduces the chances of infection and you have applied a cast which will reduce the pressure on the toe.You do not have to go right away, provided you can rest and not put any additional pressure on the toe. However, it is better you go and get an X-Ray done because toe injuries are very painful and even the chances of fracture is higher. The only time way to know there is no fracture is if there is no restriction in the range of movement and you can walk applying pressure on the toe.So, in my opinion you should go and get an X-RAY done just to rule out a fracture, the chance of which is high.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Hi, i will try to find the time to go to the doctor. So far I’ve been told to keep cleaning it everyday and tie it with a new cast. Is that necessary?

Doctor: Hello,
Cleaning it everyday to make sure there is no infection. Changing the cast can be done every alternate day.


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