Hi im 18 years old i lost my virginity. I dont want to be pregnant.

Patient: Hi. im 18 years old. i lost my virginity about the second week of last month. i was on birth control pills since the end of november and missed a few days of taking. i have always had irregular periods but im beyond scared because i don’t wan’t to be pregnant. we did not use a condom and i do not know if he used the “pull-out” method or not. my period hasnt started yet and this is the time it started last month. im having very bad back pains and a lot of gas. those are the only symptoms im having. also, i took a pregnancy test yesturday and it said i wasnt pregnant. do you think i could be having pregnancy symptoms bc im paranoid, or do you think im confusing what happens after i get off the pipl for being pregnant. please please help

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,If you have been on birth control since november then unlikely that you would ha ve ovulated in this cycle. buT IF YOU HAVE BEEN IRREGULAR WITH YOUR PILLS , THEN you are bound to experience irregular menstrual bleeds off and on during the cycle. As its already past your due dates and your pregnancy test is negative then the symptoms of low back ache and bloating sensations can be attributed to premenstrual syndromic symptoms which indicate that your menses shall ensue in next few days, if you are already into your placebo pills of the pack.There is no need to be stressed out as it would unnecessarily cause hormonal delay menses, so if pregnancy test is negative , then you are safe. wait for your menses to return before resorting to the fresh pack of oc pills.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards