Hi, I’m 19 year old active female, and 5 days

Patient: Hi,I’m 19 year old active female, and 5 days ago (wednesday 18th) I did a workout which involved GHD sit-ups, and the following day I couldn’t stand up straight without horrible pain in my abdominals and hip flexors (they felt so tight), so I was walking hunched over for a day or two… on the friday I noticed I had a lot of swelling (my stomach is normally flat with some ab definition visible) and it was like a jelly belly and felt like there was lots of fluid jiggling about when I walk .. it’s still present now but there is almost no pain left and its just jelly all around my belly and sides and even down below my underpants line (the fluid/swelling is on my belly then there’s a line from my undies compressing in then a bump below the line).. I’m not sure whether this is just normal swelling from the muscles being stressed by a new movement I hadnt performed before at too high an intensity, as I’ve read a lot of people suffer the same signs and symptoms after the first time of this same exercise, or whether there’s possibly something else I should be checked for?Thanks