Hi, im 19 years of age and about a month

Patient: Hi, im 19 years of age and about a month ago i had a heart attack due to methanphetamine abuse i didnt have stint or anything put in my heart. Just fluids for 1 week ive come out with flying colours and feel fine. My question is can i smoke marijuana every now and then, and will it cause another heart attack.. etc.. please help 🙂 Cheers Ben.

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.You have survived a heart attack and still you want to play with these addictions. I would strictly advise you to stay away from Marijuana, else one day again you will end up into getting stents placed. You were lucky that you didn’t require stents, but every time you can’t be luck enough to escape a massive heart attack. These addictions lead to blockage of your coronary arteries and also cause vasospasm that can lead to acute chest pain like you had.So, stay away from all this to remain healthy.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy