October 21, 2018

Hi I’m 19 years old I had sex about 4 days ago

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Patient: Hi I’m 19 years old I had sex about 4 days ago everyday untill yesterday. Unprotected & yea every time we had intercourse he didn’t pull out. Today I woke up went too go pee and it burned a little bit, also had a light pink discharge. Found it a bit odd, knowing I just got off my period last week. Please help. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago had no clue I was pregnant just thought I was having a irregular period due too stress, as it happened alot. I honestly think I can’t have children as I’ve tried before and nothing ever happened. I was shocked when I found out I miscarried.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.When there is a history of unprotected intercourse, there is always a possibility of pr egnancy. The pink discharge could be due to collected blood post intercourse. There is nothing much we can associate it with.Hence, kindly do a pregnancy test to rule out the same in case you miss the next cycle, or on day 28 of the cycle and act accordingly.It is too early to call it a miscarriage.Hope this helped.Regards

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