Hi, im 21 and about a year and a half

Patient: Hi, im 21 and about a year and a half ago my throat swelled up, tonsils yellow etc. I had just started dating a girl and being sexually active with her. Went to an emergency care doc and family doctor and both told me i had chronic tonsilitis. A few months later i found out i had hpv from the same girl. Now, about year and a half later i am finally about to see an ENT this week about getting my tonsils removed. I have taken antibiotics several times since and they will reduce swelling and pain for the most part for a few months but it comes back. My tonsils have the “holes” but no more yellow and white stuff. I am worried now that the hpv caused tonsil cancer after reading some things online. I am wondering how likely it could be to have tonsil cancer and not just chronic tonsilitis.

Symptoms: Swollen tonsils. Pain In throat.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood an elucidate history of your provided.The positive points are:-You are young, just 21 yea rs and hence having cancer of the tonsils of whatsoever cause other than lymphoma is not known.-Secondly as per your history there are ”holes” in the tonsils. These are normal and called as ”crypts;; and are openings in the tonsils to allow its secretions to fall out. They do do look rugged after attacks of chronic infection.- There looks to be no active infection.- So do not be worried about cancer and HPV.Anyways you are going for tonsillectomy, get this done and the histo-patho report will confirm the diagnosis.I hope this answers your query.