Hi I’m 25 and my question is i had sex during my period

Patient: Hi I’m 25 and my question is i had sex during my period and two days after my period i started to pee every 5mins for two days now and today. When i was wiping my self i seen old blood on the tissue i took the pregnancy test but it saids i wasnt pregnant and i know i don’t have a UTI i need help

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD.If you have had sex during your menses and the 2 days after it had stopped, then you were in your safe period and pregnancy is ruled out completely. However , the symptom of frequent urination every 5 minutes indicate a urinary tract infection which you have contracted from your partner and it’s especially common when intercourse is performed during menses when the sloughed endometrium is shedding and is a good nidus for infection, also contributes to it is the shorter length of female urethra which can easily cause causative organism to enter the bladder during the act of intercourse.It is suggested that you meet your Physician and get a urine culture test done to isolate the organism and depending on the sensitivity pattern, you may have to be started on antibiotics for a week to completely allay your symptoms. Also, improve your water intake to 12-15 glasses per day to allow the infection to be flushed out sooner.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you a speedy recovery.Regards