Hi I’m 25 i have a one year old daughter

Patient: Hi I’m 25 i have a one year old daughter c-section I had an abortion pill Dec 22 I bled very heavy a couple weeks then lightly till Feb 16 it’s now March 17 no normal period yet took a pregnancy test it was negative beenhaving some pregnancy symptoms gas moody tight upper stomach and nausea. Today and yesterday I’ve been light cramping. Is it my period coming or could I have gotten pregnant again or is all this do to hormone imbalance

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If abortion was attempted by yourself or not under medical supervision by an authorized doctor, there are always possibilities of an incomplete abortion or sepsis or stenosis, etc which can cause irregular bleeding.Kindly see a gynecologist and get a scan done to ascertain that the abortion is complete, it will also reveal the status of a new pregnancy. Do a beta Hcg blood test as well to give you 100% clinical correlation.The doctor will take it further accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards