Hi, I’m 25, I usually have my periods on time each

Patient: Hi,I’m 25, I usually have my periods on time each month. My last period started around the 7th of May (if it’s ever late, it’s only by one day) and lasted my usual 5-7 days. my husband and I have been having unprotected sex for about a year now using only the pull out method. This month (June) he came in me on the night of the 3rd and since we weren’t actively trying to conceive, we panicked a little and I decided to take an emergency contraceptive pill. I took that on the night of the 4th. On the evening of the 6th, I began having flu like symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, congestion, achy throat and head) it got worse between the 7-8 (during which time, he came down with the same). My period would have been due on the 7th. It didn’t come. On the 11th, I took a home pregnancy test that showed up negative. The reason for the test: missed period of course, as well as I had been having what strongly seemed to me to be pregnancy symptoms: starting with the flu, then added to that food aversions, short waves of nausea, tender nipples (breast feel heavy as well), days that fluctuate between me being hungry but at the same time, not having an appetite to days of almost constant hunger and eating a lot; bloating almost to the point of discomfort, gas, tiredness, ear popping at one point, for about 2 days. Also, around the time that my period was due, I got a slight pinkish streak of blood show up when I wiped (which I later thought to be implantation bleeding, after researching it). The negative test happened after the ‘implantation bleeding’. Since then, today’s the 15th and I got what I suppose is my period, except that it didn’t come the same way it usually does (it normally starts out very very light and progresses) this one came in a gush this morning, very dark red blood and then a very slight flow since. It has also since brightened up to a bright, crimson color with a very fresh scent earlier today and almost no scent now.Thing is, while we weren’t actively trying to conceive, my husband and I would happily welcome a baby (would be our first) and I know we were both very disappointed at the negative test. Can you tell me what steps I should take now? Is this my period, that showed up late? Am I really pregnant? If I am, why is the test negative, and why is my period here? After it came, I’m still bloated, right now I have the hungry feeling even after just having dinner, I’m having slight cramps (usually on a normal period I can have very harsh cramping from the week before and then during). These cramps however are just seemingly saying ‘hi, I’m here’ and it feels like my entire stomach is either cramping or ‘pulling’..on a usual period, my cramps are lower down. I really wish I were pregnant, but I’m also scared at what’s happening currently. Can you please help???