Hi im 25 years old and have no medical issuse

Patient: Hi im 25 years old and have no medical issuse. i can not get into my dentist for another 2 weeks hes out sick … my top left tooth in far back has broke off and pain is extreamly pain full cant seem to get help from other dentist took tylenol ..dont help….took advil.. helpes 1 st time then didnt help after what can i do to help with pain not swollen or nothing except ectreame pain please help fast

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You can try to numb the area by using Ice but at some point, you will need to see a Doct or. If the pain is severe, consider going to the ER to get treated. Once there, the Doctor will give you painkillers and then attempt to remove the tooth if needed. Hope this helps you.All the best.