Hi, i’m 30 years old woman and I’m taking preventers

Patient: Hi, i’m 30 years old woman and I’m taking preventers Topiramate 25mg and 50pm as I’ve been suffering with migraines for a while . I also take 6mg sumatriptan injections and maxalt 10mg when I get the migraines. This doesn’t always help and my only option is to block my self in a dark room and try sleep away. I’ve had a few side affects from the preventers, like remembering things, my memory has got really bad and it’s affecting my life at home and at work and I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been on different tablets before amtriptline, propranolol and these ones just didn’t seem to work. Topiramate is the best one so far, I’ve been on the highest dose but when I tried to reduce the dose to 25mg am and pm I had a headache every day for the whole week. So I put the dose back up to 50mg at night. I can’t take 50 in the morning as I can’t concentrate at work. Will I or my body ever get use to this? how long does it take for me to get use to the tablets? Is anything else I can do? Please advise. Many thanks