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Patient: Hi im 35 weeks pregnant and i went to a party with my husband and ate some brownies but i wasnt told until after i had like 4 of them that they where pot brownies..now im sacred im going to lose my baby and my kids i dont know what to do.. is there anything i can do?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If you are already 35 weeks pregnant, the baby is almost fully grown and the marijuana brownies which you have accidentally eaten unknowingly shall not cause any congenital anomalies per se or any heart defects as it is already too late for that, but the marijuana can cross placenta and hence can be mixed with foetal blood. The levels of the marijuana in the foetal blood would be directly proportional to that in the mother. Abortion may not be caused as placentation by 35 weeks is adequate and chances of abruption following pot have not been documented. So the baby may sleep longer and daily foetal movement counts may be reduced and baby may require a day of monitoring with NST machine. So it is suggested that you visit your physician for a foetal ultrasound and NST to look for foetal well-being.I hope I have answered your queries in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards

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